Posted by: Grumpy | September 27, 2011

Epic Gems in Patch 4.3

Where's my epic gem?

Epic Gems WILL be included in Patch 4.3. But they will not be prospected from Pyrite Ore as many people thought (Including myself). No, instead they have a chance of dropping from geodes that drop from raid bosses. So they will be extremely rare, very difficult to find on the auction house, and very expensive since the source of them will be the people who need them the most. It’ll take a LONG time to replace your blue gems with purples, and you may never get all of them replaced.

Edit: PTR is live now. Alchemists CAN transmute them.

I’m still hording my jewelcrafter’s tokens to buy the new patterns. But I can stop holding on to pyrite. (That’s a good thing. I need the Pyrium bars to transmute into Truegold. My alts need new swords!!)

The standard disclaimer applies. This is all preliminary and may change before it goes live. Heck, it might change before it makes it to the PTR!



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