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Ghostcrawler on the Priest changes in 4.3

Ghostcrawler said:

We were seeing too many situations where a raid wanted one or even two Disc priests at the expense of a Holy priest. We think part of the problem was Holy’s lack of a strong raid cooldown, so we replaced the State of Mind talent (which was fairly weak ever since Chakra had an unlimited duration) with Heavenly Voice that boosts the healing of Divine Hymn to make it more competitive with Power Word: Barrier. We also increased the number of targets of Divine Hymn from three to five.

We also reduced the mana cost of Power Word: Sanctuary. We think Holy has sufficient AE throughput, but this spell in particular was very expensive.

We wanted to change the Glyph of Circle of Healing to make it less of a no-brainer as I explained above under Wild Growth. In the case of the Holy priest, we thought the healing done by CoH was appropriate (which was not the case for the druid) so we had the glyph increase the mana cost instead. Relying too much on Circle of Healing in inappropriate situations (such as when only a few characters are injured) risks hurting the priest’s efficiency with this glyph.

We rebuilt Spirit of Redemption in a different way. We aren’t trying to change the power of the talent at all, but we did want to make it feel more responsive (less lag between death and Spirit) as well as clean up a few bugs.

I’m pretty happy with that. I’ve always had mana issues when AOE healing in my Holy spec. So this should help with that. I’m curious about what they are doing to Spirit of redemption though. I agree with what he’s saying there. It’s always been a bit awkward. You die and it always takes a second to get back into healing when in spirit of redemption, then you die again. If there’s any way to fix that and make it smoother, I’m all for that. Ghostcrawler didn’t mention Shadow Priests. 😦

You’ll also notice some classes aren’t mentioned at all. It’s possible we’re just happy with them, but it’s more likely we just haven’t gotten to them yet. We don’t want to hold a PTR until every single thing is done, because that minimizes test time.

You can see his comments on the other classes here.

I’m still waiting to see the Priest Tier 13 set!!! Come on Blizzard!



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