Posted by: Grumpy | September 28, 2011

Leaders of the Horde: Sylvanas Windrunner ~ Edge of Night

Hanging with the Dark Lady in Icecrown

If you listen to the right podcasts you know that my friend and fellow guildie Illidarian has a slight obsession with a certain NPC who may or may not live in the Black Temple. I on the other hand favor a different NPC. And to my surprise Blizzard released one of their Leaders of the Horde stories today. “Edge of Night” about Sylvanas Windrunner. W00t!

In it we find out why she dislikes Garrosh (as if we need any other reasons), we find out why she’s so interested in making more Forsaken, and we find out about the pact between the Valk’yr and her.

Good Stuff!

Here is is….

Edge of Night Story (

(Wow! Look at that armor. That was a long time ago!)



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