Posted by: Grumpy | September 28, 2011

PTR 4.3: Heroics, Premade toons, Transmogrification

The PTR for patch 4.3 opened last night late and I was able to copy some characters over. Right now not much is working. Transmogrification and void storage are working. The first of the 5-man instances is there. But problems with the dungeon finder are making it difficult to actually do them (Unless you form a group and walk to the instance entrance the old school way). I walked into the first instance “End Times” and poked around a little (solo, that was not a good idea lol).

Zalatwo checking out the End Time

All heroics now award 150 Valor points. The Troll heroics are no longer in their own tier, but the 3 new heroics are.

You can copy premade toons (which I did as well), when you do that you get a full set of Tier 12 gear, and enough mats to gem and enchant them. You automatically know all of the glyphs for your toon. You are automatically a Jeweler/Enchanter so you can gem and enchant your own gear.

Update: (Wednesday evening) They fixed the problems with queuing up for the new five man. It works now. I finished the End Time instance today and once we figured out what to do, it was pretty easy. I’m sure Blizz will tune them to be a little more difficult before they go live.

Update 2: WowInsider posted a video of their run.

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