Posted by: Grumpy | September 28, 2011

Transmogrification: How It Works

The PTR is back up and I had a chance to try out transmogrification on my priest. Here’s how it works. It’s extremely easy.

1) Go to the transmogrification vendor. In Orgrimmar he’s in a building on the Drag. Just across from the Cooking daily quest guy.

2) Interact with him and get this interface. He’s the guy on the left.

Transmogrification Interface

3) Drag the item that you want to use as a pattern onto the slot that you want to put in on. In this case I’m mogging my shoulders.

4) Click the button, pay the money and your done. It’s that simple.

Here’s Zal with his Summer Song Shoulderwraps looking all cool sporting the Mantle of the Avatar look (Yeah it’s an old PTR character. I’ll copy over a newer version of Zal tomorrow.) It’s late, time for sleeps.



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