Posted by: Grumpy | October 4, 2011

PTR 4.3: Chaos Orbs, New Dungeon Sets, and Jaina’s Staff

Blizzard announced yesterday that Chaos Orbs will no longer be soulbound when 4.3 goes into effect. They will be trade-able, etc. making them much easier to get. Crafters rejoice. As of this morning, this has not gone into effect on the PTR and will likely be implemented in a future build.

Also, recently data-mined information shows new dungeon sets available from the new 5 player instances. You can see all of the sets on Wowhead right now and even try them on your particular character’s race in their 3D model viewer. The sets are item level 378 (The same as normal Firelands gear), so they offer a nice way to gear up that alt or fill in needed items.

Duvvel (BEFORE)

And here is a look at what Duvvel could look like once I’ve collected all of the Warlock dungeon set items. Sorry male orcs tend to fidget in the model viewer and his shoulders look a little crooked.

Warlock Dungeon Set (AFTER)

It looks better on other races.

I also picked up Jaina’s Staff while running the End Time instance. The models in this patch seem to be much more detailed than in the past. I like that. Although the staff doesn’t look like the staff that Jaina actually carries. /nitpick



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