Posted by: Grumpy | October 7, 2011

New Loot Rules For Dragon Soul Raid Finder

Blizzard just posted their plan for the new Need before Greed system that they will put in place for the Dragon Soul Raid Finder. Here’s a summary.

  • You will get +100 added to your need roll based upon your role in the raid. i.e. Tank, DPS, Healer.
  • When you roll on an item that is flagged for your role you get that +100 added to your roll.  For instance if Healer gear drops then the players actually performing the Healer duties in the raid get +100 added to their need roll. This gives them priority over people who might “Need Roll” an item because they want to try that roll in the future but are filling another roll right now.
  • The system will only look at class and role.
  • Some items will be flagged for more than one roll. (I’m assuming this applies to spirit gear for shadow priests, etc)
  • All other Need before Greed rules apply.
  • They are considering adding this system to the new 5 player dungeons as well. But haven’t made that decision yet.
So basically a need roll for your current function will win over a need roll for off-spec.


  1. pls learn the difference between “roll” and “role”!

    • Well aware. But thanks for correcting my year old typos.

      • Only to happy to help. A year or more, it’s never too late for education :). (btw it’s not a “typo”)


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