Posted by: Grumpy | October 13, 2011

PTR 4.3: Trash Loot, Dungeon Quests, and Jenny

I just had a gander at the PTR after they applied build 14849 and at first glance it doesn’t look like a lot happened besides the class changes that were highlighted in the patch notes. No new dungeon, no new raid, no Darkmoon Faire.

What was added was a lot of polish to the instances that we’ve been testing. First off sound files have been added to each of the encounters. Even some of the trash.

Speaking of trash, there’s more of it now, and it has loot. Like this nice purple BoE that dropped off the trash leading up to Jaina….

Thorns of the Dying Day

Finally they’ve added quests inside the End Time dungeon with some nice rewards.

The dungeons seemed easy still, but a little harder than they were.  I did pick up a new staff for my lock. AND I got a couple of achievements which were disabled prior to this build.

Stalk of Corruption

As for the Stalk of Corruption, the eye moves around in it’s socket and the tail on the end of the staff moves too. It’s kind of creepy. Which is good for a Warlock.

I'm pretty sure that number is wrong. Unless you want to call Jenny.



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