Posted by: Grumpy | October 14, 2011

PTR 4.3: Well Of Eternity Testing Open

Blizzard opened up the Well of Eternity instance this evening for testing. My first impression is WOW that’s a LOT of demons! And WOW that was cool! I’ll write a more detailed post a little later. I did get a cool title out of the run.

Duvvel, The Hand of Elune

I have to say that the artwork in this instance is pretty amazing. Especially around Queen Azshara’s palace and the Well of Eternity itself. Also they have put in a debuff just for testing purposes that limits everyone’s iLevel when doing the instances to 353. I’m guessing that will be the minimum level needed to enter the instances.

I did pick up some new slippers though.

Slippers of Wizardry



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