Posted by: Grumpy | November 7, 2011

PTR 4.3: Darkmoon Faire Ticket Earning Breakdown

It looks like you can earn a total of 205 Darkmoon tickets in the one week period that the fair is up. This is not including any quests, like “The Darkmoon Faire,” that you can only do once.

Breaking it Down

You can do each of the game quests daily.  There are 6 Profession quests that you can do once during the Darkmoon Faire week, and finally the Test Your Strength quest.

Daily Quests

There are 5 dailies and they each reward you with 5 tickets each. For a total of 25 per day. Multiplied by 7 days is a total of 175 tickets from Daily quests.

Hammer Time aka Whack-A-Gnoll (5 Tickets)
He Shoots, He Scores (5 tickets)
The Humanoid Cannonball (5 tickets)
Tonk Commander (5 tickets)
Target: Turtle (5 tickets)

25 tickets from daily quest X 7 days = 175 tickets

There are also 6 Profession quests that you can do once during the week. They award you with 4 tickets if it’s a primary profession or 3 tickets if it’s a secondary profession.

Profession Quests

Banners, Banners, Everywhere (Tailoring, 4 tickets)
Putting Trash to a Good Use (Enchanting, 4 tickets)
Putting the Crunch in the Frog (Cooking, 3 tickets)
Spoiling for Salty Sea Dogs (Fishing, 3 tickets)
Putting the Carnies Back Together (First Aid, 3 tickets)
Fun For the Little Ones (Archaeology, 3 tickets)

For a total of 20 tickets at one time per week = 20 tickets (Each of those quests also giver you a +5 skill up in that profession)

Test Your Strength

You can do this quest once during Darkmoon Faire week and it rewards you with 10 tickets.


Daily Quests               175 Tickets
Profession Quests       20 Tickets
Test Your Strength     10 Tickets

205 Tickets per week


Now we’ve seen from data mining that there are other PvE quests that open up later. I presume that these open up with higher reputation from the Darkmoon Faire. So it is possible that with higher reputation you could earn more tickets. Also there are those three tents that are labeled “Under Construction.” So there may be room for more ticket earning there as well.

Remember this is information from the PTR and may change before the patch goes live.

NOTE: These numbers changed when patch 4.3 went live. For more information see this article on Wow Insider.



  1. Dailies only reward 1 ticket

  2. Yes. This is a post about the PTR, Not on live. On the live servers you are capped at about 145 tickets per fair.

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