Posted by: Grumpy | March 21, 2012

Most Excited About in MoP

I’m commenting on things that caught my eye from MMO-Champion’s article.
  • Blizzard has talked about turning Jaina’s hair all white because of the shock, and her becoming this very violent and dangerous mage.
    • So excited that Jaina is getting violently angry. Some good story coming here I think.
  • Vol’jin will make an appearance at some point during the expansion.
    • As in leading the Horde forces against Garrosh? It’s no secret that the troll leader is one of my favorites in WOW. This would be awesome if it happened.
  • Inscription may get something new, like a staff that you upgrade as you level inscription. This will combat the fatigue that comes from creating hundreds of glyphs to level.
    • Finally being able to make something that is upgrade-able when the next tier comes along! Plus it makes inscription more palatable.
  • A new minor glyph that changes a druid’s travel form into a white stag has been added. Other players can ride you while in this form.
    • Here druid druid! I need a ride!
  • Archaeology may get random creature spawns from digging that will drop more fragments when killed. It also may get a rare drop that will transport you to the next dig site. Lorewalkers might be worked in to Archaeology somehow, perhaps granting skill ups in some way.
    • Anything to make Archaeology more fun!
  • Siege of Orgrimmar!
    • I’m gunna punch Garrosh right in the face!
  • Cloud Serpent Mounts
    • The idea of raising your mount from egg to adult sounds really cool. Hopefully mounts will become account wide so you wont have to do this over and over and over.


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