Posted by: Grumpy | April 15, 2012

MoP Beta: Questions, questions, questions!!!

It seems like everyone jumping into the beta is asking these questions over and over in general chat. So here are the answers.

Q1. How do I get to Pandaria?
A1. Speak to the NPC named Ka Pow just outside Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar or just outside the main bank in Stormwind. He has a giant spotlight shining on him. You cant miss him.

Q2. Where are the starting quests?
A2. For the horde Ka Pow can teleport you to three locations. I just went to each of them until I found a quest. However, if you go to the Wreck of the Sky Shark you’ll find an axe on the ground near where you appear. Alliance I’m not sure of.

Q3. Is “XXXXX” quest bugged?
A3. It could be. You can find out by reading the forums. You should be reporting bugs there too.

Q4. Why wont this portal work?
A4. Pandaran portals need a “Rune of Teleportation” to work. You can buy them from any reagent vendor.



  1. Well Met!

    That’s the problem with inviting half a million+ people to Beta testing and offering little or no support to field questions and report major issues.

    Not to mention that it took the fun out of actually being a Beta tester for the first time.

    The illusion that Blizzard randomly awarded me a Beta key because of my skill and many years of gameplay without once cancelling or neglecting my subscription(s) has been taken away from me.

    Just pay for your subscription for a year and YOU will be one of THE first to play MOP! (after we let the opt-ins in first because they quit a long time ago)


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