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MoP Beta: Pet Battle System!!!

EDIT: 4/26/12 ~ Pet Battles are being disabled in the beta temporarily. More information here

Last night I was able to download the new beta build. It’s SUPER glitchy which is a pain in the rear. But the Pet Battle System is active right now. At least in it’s early form.

First off go to a trainer and learn the skill. You can talk to Narzak in Razor Hill. There’s one in Goldshire for Alliance, and there are others all over the place. Pick up the two skills he sells. Pet Battles and Pet Tracking. He’ll also sell you a Black King Snake if you don’t already have one.

From there you might notice a new button on your mini menu bar. It has a horse head on it. That’s where your mounts and pets are now. Click the pet tab to set up your pet battle team.

At this point, if you’re normal, you should be able to drag pets from the left side over to the right side and onto your team. Unfortunately I was bugged and didn’t have any pets available. There are a few ways to try and get around this bug. I’ve heard that logging on to all of your toons will reset your pets. This didn’t work for me.

What DID work was creating a new character. Picking up his store bought pets in the mail. Learning those pets made them available on my other toons.

Pet Battle in progress….

Anyway after that I was able to put a team together.

Capture Me!

You can capture some of the wild pets. The ones that you can capture are labeled “Capturable” when you mouse over them and they show up as a green paw on your mini-map. The pets that are just dots on the map are not capturable.

For more on the Pet Battle System look here and even more information here.



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