Posted by: Grumpy | May 12, 2012

MoP Beta: New Build Incoming 15689

Mounts aren’t the only thing going account-wide! Yes, that’s a Shadow Priest on a Warlock Dreadsteed!

Wowhead got their mits on the next new build and has done a bit of data mining already. One thing jumped out at me…

Secondary professions will scale accountwide Grand Master Cookbook and so on…

Holy Cow! That’s awesome! I was just pondering whether or not to level first aid on all of my toons because of Battle Pet Bandages (Which I have no idea where to get actually. I was just wondering if First Aid made them). So I assume that means that if a secondary profession is maxed out on one toon then it will be on all of your alts.

Also for Priests…

Glyph of Confession New: Teaches you the ability Confession. Compels a friendly target to confess a secret.


EDIT: It looks like the patch is coming sooner than later. The Beta servers are down already. According to Sapperwix this patch is primarily to address the crash issues with the 64 bit client.



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