Posted by: Grumpy | May 31, 2012

Shadow Ravens? (Beta)

It looks like build 15739 is about to be deployed on the beta servers. MMO-Champion is hard at work posting all of the changes on their site. But OMG look at this one!!!

Glyph of Shadow Ravens: Your Shadow Orbs now appear as Shadow Ravens!!!

I’ve been wanting something like that for a LONG time. I never liked the look of the orbs and the Raven Priests in Dragonblight always looked so cool. Now we can look cool like that too.

Earlier today Ghostcrawler confirmed that the present look of our Shadowform is a bug. Also a good thing.

Also Wowhead has a really good preview of Inscription now that we know that shoulder enchants wont be tied to factions.

Lastly they have upped the item level on the gear dropped by the Headless Horseman to iLevel 470. More evidence that MoP will be released prior to Halloween.



  1. I normally tend to have two healing specs but for shadow ravens, I’m thinking I’m going to be Holy/Shadow. How easily I’m swayed 😦


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