Posted by: Grumpy | June 2, 2012

DING 90! (Beta)

So yesterday’s beta patch raised the level cap, AND today I dinged 90!


Also available are…

  • The Vale of Eternal Blossoms zone
  • The Dread Wastes zone
  • Flight in Pandaria costs 2500 gold.
  • Lots of daily quests
    • Anglers
    • Tillers (Daily quests NYI but the starting quest is there)
    • Lorewalkers (Closely tied to Archaeology)
    • Shado-Pan
    • August Celestials
    • Order of the Cloud Serpents (Daily quests NYI but the starting quest is there)
    • NPC’s for the Craftsmen, Elders, Golden Lotus, and the Brewmasters are there. But they don’t have any quests yet.
  • The “Shrine of Two Moons” is the Horde capital city in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
  • Pet Battles are on right now. But only if you bought the training previously. You can’t buy training right now. And I’m not sure how long this will last.


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