Posted by: Grumpy | July 17, 2012

I’m On The Hunt I’m After You…

Hunting rare battle pets that is.

After the first couple of days with Pet Battles in beta I was wondering if I’d ever catch a rare pet. If you’re unfamiliar, battle pets come in different quality levels, just like your gear. There is Grey for Poor, Green for Uncommon, and Blue for Rare. And everyone I’ve talked to, including myself had never seen one……until now.

So I was at the point where my pets weren’t getting much XP for the fights in Ashenvale, Desolace, etc. So I moved on to Tanaris. At first glance Tanaris is kind of a pain for pet collectors. Right outside of Gadgetzan the only pets you see are sea gulls and they are too high up in the sky to battle with them. So after making my way down the pirate infested coast I decided to plunge into the interior. I was immediately rewarded.

Rare Rattlesnake

I know, “Screen shots or it didn’t happen!” Well here he is in the pet UI. In Tanaris it seems like you always end up with THREE pets to battle. With this one being rare it was a very tough battle. So I forgot to take a screen shot DURING the fight. d’oh! I was able to catch him finally, by the skin of my teeth.

Unfortunately the achievement for capturing a rare battle pet is bugged and I didn’t get it.

After healing up my pets, and swapping in my brand new level 13 rare, I continued and was almost immediately rewarded again.

Rare Gold Beetle

This time with a rare Gold Beetle. I think Tanaris is a luckydo for me.

UPDATE: After logging out and then back in I DID get credit for the achievement. I also caught 2 more rares. Maybe Blizz bumped up their spawn rate?



  1. Grats on the rares and I like the post title 🙂

  2. Thanks…I should play Duran Duran music while hunting pets. LOL


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