Posted by: Grumpy | September 17, 2012

Fall of Theramore

Blizzard announced that the Fall of Theramore scenario will unlock this afternoon instead of tomorrow.

You can run it at level 85 today until MoP releases 17-24 Sept. Armor level requirements are item level 353 for now.

Once MoP is released it will be a level 90 scenario and the item level requirement will be 425.

As of 5 minutes ago it wasn’t enabled. I guess it’ll be Soon™.


EDIT: It’s Live Now!

Jaina, Kalecgos, and Rhonin discussing strategy.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s not a good idea to piss off a former dragon aspect by dotting up his new girlfriend. He hits for about 200K!!!

Garrosh’s Mana Bomb powered by the stolen Focusing Iris



Loot comes in a bag that you receive when you complete the event. I didn’t get anything except a handful of fireworks. They do mail you a mini-mana bomb though. Which you can toss and it has a mana explosion effect.



  1. Looking forward to trying this later today. 😛

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