Posted by: Grumpy | October 2, 2012

Something Terrible!

The Terrible Turnip

It’s after midnight again and I’m harvesting crops. This little guy was ready to be picked. So here he is making his debut on my Halloween Dream Pet Team.

My Halloween Themed Pet Team

Everyone has the Sinister Squash these days. So I’m trying to be different. And yes I’m aware that my pets are pretty low level. Don’t judge me. I’ve been working on other things. Like starting a raid team. 😉

Hey little buddy!

If you’re wondering about the Pet UI addons, they are…

  • PetCaught: Tells you if you already own a pet and the quantity when you mouse over the pet. It even works on the mini-map.
  • Pet Battle Teams: Lets you set up teams that you can select with a click.
  • PetJournal Enhanced: Various UI tweaks to make your life easier. Lots of sorting and search options.

All of them are available on

P.S. I want a Lil Marrogar. I can imagine him yelling BONESTORM! And then whirl-winding all over the pet battle area. Come on Blizzard, you can do it!



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