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Patch 5.1 PTR: Horde Beginnings (Spoilers)

This post contains spoilers for patch 5.1. Proceed with caution!!!

Patch 5.1 is on the PTR right now. There is a little problem with character copies not working, leaving us with only our characters from the last PTR (Which for me was back during 4.2 testing for 4.3). I was not very happy with the prospect of leveling my main from 85 to 90 again so I was pretty pleased when they added level 90 pre-mades. I immediately went and created Zalatwo.

Anyway, if you are level 90, then patch 5.1 opens with an auto-quest that pops up on your screen telling you to go find the Horde scout in western Krasarang Wilds.  She’s set up a small beach-head where the Horde fleet will land.

I always wondered what those islands were for.

So I flew there. Blizzard was very kind and gave the PTR testers (at least the pre-mades) Sandstone Drake mounts this time.


Not much there at first.

When you get there you don’t really see very much. A few boats turned over on their sides to act as shields from the Alliance gunfire. But then Garrosh’s gig lands on the beach.

Oh great! This can’t be good!

Garrosh sends you off on a quest to kill Alliance and find some key Horde members.

De Alliance be dat way Warchief.

And you have the unique opportunity to have Warchief Garrosh Hellscream accompany you on a quest. The whole time I was plotting and thinking to myself, “What were you saying about Vol’jin? I could end this conflict right now.” But you can’t attack him at all. When you finish the quest and turn it in the screen goes black for a few seconds, a place-holder for a cut scene probably, and when you get back the new Horde outpost has been completed.

Quest Hub for the Dominance Offensive

This is the quest hub for the Dominance Offensive faction. And it’s populated by a few of our old friends like General Nazgrim and Shokia.

The Alliance is never far away!

I’m not too sure about the goblin-ization of the Krasarang Wilds.

At this point Garrosh moves to the Shrine of the Two Moons and learns a little about the Mogu. [cue the ominous music]

Garrosh learns of the Mogu’s power.

I was surprised to find Lor’themar Theron in Garrosh’s party. I wonder what’s going on there?

Leader of the Blood Elves, Here? With Garrosh?

That’s as far as I got last night during the wee hours. I did play around with the Brawler’s Guild a little. More soon.



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  2. I can’t wait for patch 5.1, and speaking as an alliance player I am really happy that the Alliance forces are going to stay on the offensive like they did at the beginning of the expansion.

    Although the idea of Garrosh borrowing ideas from the mogu is scary

  3. I suspect Lorthewhothehellisthat is actually doing crap because all the blood elf RPers I know cry that the poor guy gets no love and does nothing important.

    … as someone who plays goblins, I have to ask them if they’ve even SEEN Gallywix recently! Dude doesn’t even bother hanging out in Bilgewater Harbor.

    (p.s., blood elves: you want your guy to do something useful? He IS doing something useful in Silvermoon! He’s standing there being beautiful, and isn’t that what blood elves are for?!)


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