Posted by: Grumpy | October 25, 2012

Shadow Priest Strategy for Killing Dippy

Note: This information was gained from the PTR for patch 5.1. Things may change between now and when the patch goes live.


Dippy is probably the first real challenging opponent that you’ll face in the Brawler’s Guild. He’s fast and if he touches you he one shots you (If you’re wearing cloth anyway). I was able to defeat him finally. Here’s how I did it as a shadow priest.

Short Version: DON’T BLINK!! Blink and you die! Oh wait, that’s something else. I mean, DOT & RUN!!!

Long version: Run! Keep Running! I know this seems weird. Most Shadow Priest spells require that you stay in one place. Don’t do it!! Keep your DOTs up on him as much as you can. Crowd Control is your friend on this fight so use void tendrils and fear whenever you can to keep Dippy away from you. When you have him rooted you should be able to stop long enough to cast a Mind Blast or two, then back to running. When you have three orbs cast Devouring Plague. Do not let him get close to you and eventually your DOTs will whittle him down.

Dippy will be much easier if you have better gear. The pre-made characters on the PTR are wearing heroic iLevel 463 gear and he was very challenging. On live, as long as the difficulty level doesn’t change, it will be easier. Higher gear levels means our DOTs will tick for more, Mind Blasts will hit for more, etc.



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