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Pet Battle Rankings on

Yesterday MMO-Champion ran a blurb announcing that WowProgress had started ranking players with regard to Pet Battles. I was curious so I looked myself up and found out that as far as pet battles go I was #42 on my realm.

Must Do Better!

Now any good pet battler knows that #42 is unsatisfactory. We must be the very best.

So I went and worked on pet battles, and worked, and worked. I got my rank up to #36 (#5 priest). Which considering all of the work put in (5 achievements) wasn’t much of a gain. Which made me think….What criteria are they using to rank people? Is it based on achievements as I had thought, or something else?

Not Much Better!

I did a little research and found a post on WowProgress that goes into detail about how they rank pet battlers.

WoWProgress introduces Battle Pet Score Rankings!
The scoring is based on level (xp needed to level) and pet quality.

Pet quality modifiers:
poor: 1.0,
common: 1.1,
uncommon: 1.2,
rare: 1.3,
epic: 1.4,

XP needed to level:
level 2: 50,
level 3: 110,
level 4: 120,
level 5: 195,
level 6: 280,
level 7: 450,
level 8: 560,
level 9: 595,
level 10: 720,
level 11: 760,
level 12: 900,
level 13: 945,
level 14: 990,
level 15: 1150,
level 16: 1200,
level 17: 1250,
level 18: 1430,
level 19: 1485,
level 20: 1540,
level 21: 1595,
level 22: 1800,
level 23: 1860,
level 24: 1920,
level 25: 1980.

So basically the more high level rare (or epic when they become available) pets you have the higher your ranking. It has nothing to do with which achievements you have completed (Although obviously the Safari achievements will net you more pets and make your rating go up).

This has me changing my collection strategy slightly. Now, if I find a rare that is higher level than a rare that I already have I will go ahead and catch it. Where previously if I already had a rare of that pet I wouldn’t catch it.

EDIT: (Oct. 31, 2012) Duplicates no longer count toward your ranking. That little change moved me up to #25!



  1. Interesting. I was wondering this myself although I always capture a higher rare pet, even if I have a lower one as it saves me from levelling it up in the long run.


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