Posted by: Grumpy | November 5, 2012

Darkmoon Pet Tamer

Disclaimer: This information comes from the PTR for patch 5.1 and may change before the patch goes live.

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive on the island are the mounts that are available for you to ride down the hill. I’m not sure if there are level requirements to ride them. I didn’t have any low level characters to test them with. But they’d be very handy for people under level 20 if they can use them.

Why is a gnome handling TALLstriders?

You’ll find the Darkmoon Isle Pet Tamer across from the Tonk game in a little roped off arena. He’s a human male named Jeremy Feasel. He has three level 25 epic pets, Judgement (Magical), Fezwick (Beast), and Honky-Tonk  (Mechanical).  He does kind of look Gilnean though, so maybe stay away when the moon is full?

Darkmoon Pet Tamer




They still haven’t fixed the character copy bug so I only had a pre-made toon to test with. So none of my pets are over level 1. Needless to say my Cinder Kitten had a rough time of it.

Level 1 vs 3 Level 25’s?…It didn’t last long!

The Darkmoon Eye pet is supposedly a rare drop from the bag he gives you when you defeat him for his daily quest. Which I assume you can do only during Darkmoon Faire week.

Also there are a few wild pets scattered across Darkmoon Island. The Darkmoon Glowfly can be found out in the woods surrounding the fairgrounds. I saw a level 3 and a level 9 so they should be pretty easy to capture if you can locate one. I only saw two of them so when lots of pet hunters hit the island they are going to be pretty difficult to find. Unless they increase the spawns.

Darkmoon Glowfly

Finally a warning to all of the PTR testers out there. DO NOT fall into the giant hole that is in the center of the new carousel. You will be disconnected from the server and when you try to connect again you will be immediately disconnected again faster than you can hit your hearth button.



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