Posted by: Grumpy | November 17, 2012

Challenge Mode Team Begins and Some Tips

I’ve been wanting to do Challenge Modes ever since they first were first described at Blizzcon, however seeing the gear that you can get solidified my interest (The priest set looks awesome!). So I got a few guildies together and tried it last night. We gave Temple of the Jade Serpent a try, because it was the daily quest.

Challenge Mode Dungeons are tuned higher that Heroic Dungeons, there are added mechanics, the mobs hit harder and have more health. Your gear is scaled down to item level 463 which is basically a full set of heroic instance gear.

Here are a few tips to get you started….

  1. Don’t think that you’re going to plow through there and get gold the minute you walk in the place. They are very difficult and require learning the instance and working out a plan based upon your group’s makeup.
  2. Think of this like a mini-raid and come prepared. Bring flasks, pots, and buff food.
  3. Read the strategies!! Admittedly it’s early in the game and not everyone is interested in challenges like this so there aren’t many guides online. But there are some and seeing what you’re going up against and how others dealt with the challenges will definitely help you.
  4. Be prepared to wipe, and wipe, and wipe, etc. Don’t become discouraged! Adjust your strategy and try it again. You will get it eventually. Just because something worked for one group doesn’t mean it will work for yours. Keep adjusting and improving.
  5. Get a regular team together and do this regularly. This is not something you want to pug.

Even coming prepared we didn’t finish the dungeon. We ran out of time before we could defeat the Sha at the end. But we’re coming back on Sunday and will be doing this regularly, probably twice a week (Fri and Sun) until we all get our gold level armor sets!!! Woo Hoo!



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