Posted by: Grumpy | December 10, 2012

Silver Medal: Temple of the Jade Serpent!

First Silver Medal!

Last night our Challenge Mode team got it’s first taste of silver by beating the timer on Temple of the Jade Serpent. After the Sha hit the floor and the shouts of excitement died down in Vent Littleshaman exclaimed, “That was more satisfying than a raid boss first kill!”

I couldn’t agree more.

We are now #13 on Perenolde-US on the Temple of the Jade Serpent leaderboard but the #1 Horde team/guild!!!

Well Done Team!!! On to the next challenge!

Silver Medal!

Silver Medal!



  1. […] the Ashes got a Silver Medal on the Temple of the Jade Serpent! WOO! You can read the full article here on Zalajin’s blog. Basically, though, those guys kicked arse and took names. Really fantastic job by all of […]


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