Posted by: Grumpy | March 10, 2013

Productive Insomnia


For some reason I found myself wide awake at 4:30 am this morning. Maybe it was the time change or the fact that I went to bed earlier than I usually do. But I was awake, and not able to go back to sleep. So I decided to do some pet collecting.

First thing I went to Felwood and a Minfernal was sitting there for me. With no campers in sight I swooped dawn and picked him up with my Terrible Turnip. I didn’t want to kill the guy after all.

I wondered if any of the other rare pets were up. I teleported to Dalaran and flew to the Argent Tournament. I saw 5-6 Scourged Whelplings on the ground as I flew over, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’d be in a different CRZ when I land and there’s usually none there then. But this morning there were two of them up.

My luck was running high, so I headed down and picked up Spawn of Onyxia and a Giraffe Calf as well.

When Pandaria went live there was a bug in pet battle that didn’t register some pets as you collected them. This meant that they didn’t show up on the collector achievements. I wrote a ticket on the problem way back when. And I got the usual “Thank You, We are aware of the problem,” etc. etc. Never gave me an answer or told me it’d been fixed.

Well, playing around with things I noticed that they partially fixed the problem. Your original catches did not show up on the achievement list, but if you go out and catch a new one, that will be recorded and give you credit.

So I also went out and collected the 5 or six pets that I needed to catch again to get credit.

Now I only have TWO pets left to collect for the World Safari achievement and the “Zookeeper” title.

  1. Baby Ape 
  2. Qiraji Guardling

The Baby Ape spawns on Jaguari Isle in Stranglethorn Vale but only when it rains there. And the Qiraji Guardling only spawns in the summer-time. According to some WowHead comments summer in-game starts March 20th. So We’ll see.



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