Posted by: Grumpy | March 20, 2013


Vol’jin: Shadows of the Horde by Michael Stackpole has been pushed back to July according to Amazon. Yes, I know that isn’t an official source. But we haven’t heard anything official from Blizzard. I think if they were releasing it in April like they originally announced we would have heard something by now.


Last night new shoulders (Fissure-Split Shoulderwraps) dropped for Zal in the new LFR. They look very trollish and the T14 Pope hat didn’t look very good with it. So I mogged it to the old Collar of Bones from ZA. Much better now.

In closing….The name of this blog is “Raiding (not so) Casually,” but lately I haven’t been posting about raiding very much. My raid team, the Gangsta Gerbils, is on a short hiatus right now. During patch 5.1 we lost a few key raiders to Real Life and right now we’re trying to recruit some new players to replace them and regroup. The final member we’re looking for is a TANK! We raid Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7:30 pm until 10 pm MDT. If you’re interested please give me a holler.



  1. What?! They pushed the book back…? …bluuu. Drat. Sorry about the hiatus, though. Hope you’re able to get new members soon.

  2. Congrats on your new piece. GL looking for that last spot too. I know how that feels…


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