Posted by: Grumpy | April 9, 2013

And Done!

Absolution Set (Priest Tier 6)

Absolution Set (Priest Tier 6)

I finally finished collecting the priest Tier 6 set today. Well, at least all of the parts that I need for transmogrification. Mother Shahraz was kind today, giving up the final token and finishing that classic look. You gotta love those shoulders. I did end up tweaking the gear a little. So here’s the final list.

  • Head: Hood of Absolution
  • Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Absolution
  • Chest: Shroud of Absolution
  • Back: Inherited Cape of the Black Baron
  • Wrists: Bracers of Absolution (Optional, you really can’t see them)
  • Hands: Handguards of Absolution
  • Belt: Glacial Waistband
  • Weapon: Crystal Spire of Karabor
  • Legs: N/A
  • Boots: N/A


  1. Congrats on completing your set!


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