Posted by: Grumpy | May 1, 2013

More New Pets in 5.3

Stunted Direhorn Pet

Stunted Direhorn Pet

Some more pets, other than the ones I mentioned for Raiding with Leashes 2: Attunement Edition and the Unborn Valkyr, have been added in patch 5.3.

They are…

  • Living Fluid (Throne of Thunder, Promordius)
  • Viscous Horror (Throne of Thunder, Heroic Primordius)
  • Pygmy Direhorn (Throne of Thunder, Horridon)
  • Stunted Direhorn (Brutal Pet Battles Achievement)
  • Gahz’rooki (Tied to Darkspear Rebelion, Not sure how yet.)
  • Filthling (Isle of Thunder, Saurok Area)
  • Direhorn Runt (Isle of Giants)

If you want to see the pet models wowhead has hooked them up to their 3D model viewer here. It’s interesting that they are adding pets that are only available from Heroic Raiding. I didn’t see that coming.



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