Posted by: Grumpy | May 1, 2013

No Delay, But We *crkkk* ha-*kshh* audio is-*crss* …oi.

Illidarian has a new Lore video today. Check it out.

Shards of a Crusade

Have a new Lore Seggie vid up. This one is on the Mantid and then a little Battle Pet overview for the Onyxian Whelpling.

Now then, I must thank my friend Zalajin for pointing out that the bloody audio quit about 1/3 of the way through the first upload of the vid. I managed to upload a fresh copy of the vid this morning, however, in some sort of twisted revenge, YouTube gave me prolly three of the worst thumbnails possible to choose from as a a preview image. Luckily I got a screenshot of my own, but seriously, the three that YouTube provided either looked like I was drugged, asleep (or in the process of falling asleep), or worshiping the ALMIGHTY ONYXIAN WHELPLING! BOW TO THE DEEP BREATH!

…I guess that might work. But I personally am still running for the edges of the cave during Deep Breath. You…

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