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What’s Cooking at Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Earlier today Blizzard announced some changes and additions to their upcoming Hearthstone game. Here they are along with my thoughts on each…

Gold is Hearthstone’s new currencyUse your hard-earned Gold to purchase more packs of cards to complete your collection. Gold can also be used to gain entry into The Forge!

I’m very happy about this. After you’ve played your heart out to earn new card packs, or paid good money to buy them, it seemed wrong to have to pay those packs back just to get into The Forge. Paying with gold feels much better.

Explore the world of Hearthstone with QuestsImmerse yourself in new, ever-changing quests that you can complete to acquire valuable Gold. New Quests await you every day!

This seems like a really good idea to me. As fun and exciting as the Hearthstone card game looks, eventually it could get boring to some people with only the card game as the focus. Having daily quest goals (as well as achievements) gives us something else to do as well as another way to earn gold.  I wonder what the quests will be like? Defeat a Warrior today? Win a game vs Expert AI? Play 5 random players?

Leveling systemHave a favorite class? Level them up to new heights to gain basic and Golden basic cards the more you play. Gain experience for any game you play, win or lose –  you’ll gain additional experience for a well-fought victory.

This leads me to think that the higher your level the more cards, or perhaps better cards, you’ll earn. I can’t wait to level a priest! I have more questions though. What if you have more than one deck for a class? Can you even do that? I can think of different types of priest decks that I’d like to try. When you level, do you level the deck or the class? I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Battle your friendsWant to challenge your friends to a friendly fireside duel? You can now add them to your friends list and challenge them to a game. Talk about Hearthstone strategy as well with our added friends chat feature!

I completely expected this to be implemented soon. It’s one thing to restrict communication among random opponents (Probably a good thing), it’s another to restrict it among friends. I’m wondering how this will be implemented though. Will it be text based chat or voice? A Skype-like voice chat would be nice and it wouldn’t clutter up the playing field. I know my iPad does Skype nicely, so it’s not that much of a stretch. It’d have to be MUCH better than the in-game voice chat in WOW! It might be easier to just run Skype in the background.


Card Changes

They’ve updated the card frames to make class cards more recognizable. And they’ve changed how some cards work.

  • Vaporize now triggers when an enemy minion attacks your hero.
  • Illidan Stormrage redesigned—you may want to grab some fire resistance gear for this change. For 6 mana, Illidan is a 7/6 minion that has the ability: “Whenever you play a card, summon a 2/1 Flame of Azzinoth.”
    • Extremely cool. I know someone who will like this a lot. Hey Illidarian!
  • Onyxia has a new power: “Battlecry: Summon 1/1 Whelps until your side of the battlefield is full.” Many whelps! Handle it!
    • THAT’S 50 DKP MINUS!!! Gotta love it.
  • Mind Vision now costs 1 mana and copies a card from your opponent’s hand.
  • Mind Control Tech has lost his mind and has built a new, more polished one. His new power reads: “Battlecry: If your opponent has 4 or more minions, gain control of one at random.

New Cards

Here are the new cards they announced today.


The Hearthstone Beta Fish

The Hearthstone Beta Fish

It’s almost summer. Is the beta far off?



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