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New Ranking System


During their Fireside Chat last Friday at Blizzcon, Eric Dodds and Ben Brode explained that the current ranking system is confusing and frustrating to try and understand (and I agree with that). So they came up with a new system which they explained.

Basically, it’s like this…

There will be seasons for ranked play and each season will be a month long. At the end of a season, if you did what is required, you will be rewarded with new artwork for the backs of your cards. We’re not sure what the requirement for that is yet. It could be earn a certain rank, or play/win a certain number of ranked matches, etc.


New card backs. This one is based on Pandaria.

There are 25 ranks that you can earn. Each has the picture of a minion on it. Except for Rank 1 which is the Hearthstone Innkeeper.


The 25 ranks

Your rank has a number of stars above the minion portrait. Earn all of the stars and you’ll go up to the next rank. Generally it’s win one game and earn a star. But at higher ranks this may change. You might have to win more games to earn a star and you might even lose a star if you lose a game. Lose enough games and you might lose a rank.


Earn stars to gain a rank

If you make it to Rank 1 you can earn one more rank above that called Legend. You can not lose the Legend rank until the monthly reset.

The Legend icon is an amber gemstone with a number on it. The number is your overall ranking among everyone in your region. Regions are North America, Europe, etc.


Legend….275th in North America! woot!

The season is over at the end of the month/beginning of the next month. Your rank will be reset to Level 25 (Angry Chicken) and the whole process begins again.

It was unclear when this new system will be put in place, but with open beta coming next month it can’t be too long. They did mention that there will be a patch in a week or two but didn’t mention if this will be included in it.

What do you think of the new system? Is it easier to understand? Do you like the monthly reset? Let us know in the comments below.

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