Posted by: Grumpy | November 15, 2013

To Concede, or Not


You find yourself with no possible way of winning. You have a couple of minor cards on the board that can only do a few of points of damage. You’re opponent has a wall of minions both large and small waiting to grind you into sausage many of them are taunters. You have nothing in your hand that can save you. No taunters in sight and you’re very low on health. You’re in a no win situation.

Do you concede, or not?

It’s an interesting question at this point in the game’s life when no standards of etiquette have been established.

On one hand you have the established norms from other card games. In Magic: The Gathering, from what I’ve heard from other players, if you are in a no win situation you should concede. In fact it’s frowned upon if you draw the game out unnecessarily.

In Hearthstone this does a couple of things for you. It gets you your gold reward quicker and gets you into your next game quicker.

On the other hand if you do concede you are denying your opponent the reward of seeing your character blow up leaving a crater. You’re denying him or her the satisfaction of landing that killing blow or executing a skillfully crafted combination.

Those are rewards, of a non-substantial kind sure, but they are rewards none-the-less. And rewards in games are important. Should you deny your opponent that reward?

What do you think? Do you concede when you’re in a no win situation? Or do you let the winner get his or her “explosive” reward? Let us know in the comments below.



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