Posted by: Grumpy | November 15, 2013

What To Do While We Wait

Friday’s stream of The Arena (formerly known as The Forge) showed us that the current Hearthstone build isn’t quite ready for prime time. It’s getting there but there were a few graphical glitches that stood out. The biggest issue was the server disconnect that took a lot of the scheduled play time to fix. It looks like the Hearthstone beta isn’t quite as imminent as I thought it was. So what can we do while we wait?

One thing that many people are doing is posting threads on the official forums asking and trying to pressure Blizzard into starting the beta. Bad people! The blues at Blizzard have enough on their hands without having to read that all day long. I’d like to discourage that behavior and suggest a few alternatives.

Hearthstone Lodge, Idaho

Road Trip!

There are still eight weeks of summer left. That’s plenty of time to take a cool Hearthstone related road trip. But where to go? There’s Hearthstone Castle in Danbury, CT. It was listed on the National Register of Historical places in 1987 but has since been closed to the public due to safety. The pictures of the castle look really cool. It’d be nice if someone could renovate this place and re-open it.

If you’re in the Midwest there’s the Hearthstone Coffeehouse and Pub in Fishers, IN, just outside Indianapolis.

And of course there’s the Hearthstone Lodge in northern Idaho. Although it looks like Ben Brode got there first.


There are dozens of examples of people sculpting hearthstones on the internet forjewelrykey-chainscustom soaps, and phone charms. Here is a video showing how one person sculpts theirs out of polymer clay.



It seems like there are even more examples of cooking hearthstone style on the interwebs. Cookiescakes, and cinnamon rolls to name a few. Here’s Rosanna Pansino and WowCrendor on the Nerdy Nummies YouTube channel making Hearthstone candies.



Pillowssewncrochetedknitted, it doesn’t matter. If needlework is your thing there are many ways to make your own hearthstone. I’d love to see someone do the whole hearthstone box as a pillow.



Finally, if you haven’t opted in for the beta lottery you can still do so. Just follow the instructions here.

As you can see there are plenty of things to keep you busy while we wait for the beta release. There’s no need spam the forums. If you know of a cool Hearthstone related place to visit, or a recipe, or craft that I haven’t mentioned please let us know in the comments.


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