Posted by: Grumpy | November 15, 2013

What’s With the Flood of Hearthstone Posts?


It’s sad really. will be closing it’s shiny doors sometime soon. Liam, the guy managing the site, is moving on to work for ManaGrind and the guy who owns the site isn’t interested in keeping it open right now. So really soon now, the site will come down. I wanted to keep the stuff that I wrote over there (at least the good stuff) online, so I copied it over here.

You’ll notice everything is in reverse order. Sorry about that. I copied it most recent first and posting the oldest, last. So that makes it look first on this blog.


  1. If you are still interested in writing about hearthstone, I am looking for contributions over at – let me know if you would like to contribute anything, or vice versa 🙂


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