About Me

Wgypt 1999

I retired from the US Navy after 24 years in 2006. I went back to school full-time as a non-traditional student (aka an old guy) to get my degree in Information Systems Security. I was deployed overseas when WOW first came out, so I started playing as soon as I got back a few months later.

Real life interests include Parrot keeping (Real life battle pets FTW!), cooking, fitness, and obviously playing Wow.

I am a founding member and officer for the Soulbound, Inc. guild on the US-Perenolde server. But my raiding toons are all in From The Ashes, also on Perenolde.

In game I love raiding, trade skills, pet-battles, and the auction house. I’m not much into PvP but I do enjoy an occasional run in Strand of the Ancients.

Zala’jin is my main. He’s a Shadow priest and my main raider. He is an Herbalist/Scribe. These days he’s tired of raiding, so you’ll mainly find him exploring the PTR or battling pets.

Roswynn is a Forsaken Mage and Arcane specced.  She is my tailor/enchanter. Duvvel is a Destruction Warlock. Lorellei is my Paladin Tank. Jala’sea is my enhancement Shaman Jewelcrafter. There are many others, but those are the main characters.

I also enjoy testing on the Public Test Realms and a lot of my blog posts are about that when they are active.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me here or on my Twitter account, Zalajin.

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