Posted by: Grumpy | November 15, 2013

Zala vs MikeB

One night, before the big account wipe, I was trying to get the Warlock Dominance daily quest finished. It had you win five matches with that deck. I don’t usually play Gul’dan (I usually play the Hunter or Pally) so I hadn’t built the deck up much. But over the course of the evening I’d been able to piece together 4 out of 5 wins. I just needed one more win to get the 60 gold. Then I could buy another pack of cards.

So the matchmaker spins and finds me a worthy opponent, akamikeb, who I remember from watching Legendary over on and has recently been doing the Hearthstoned videos. So we fought for two matches. The first was my lock against his priest. The second was against his rogue.

To my surprise he recorded it for an episode of Hearthstoned. The video is pretty cool. You get to hear what Mike is thinking during the game and his commentary is always fun and entertaining. So here it is Hearthstoned, Episode #12 where I lost one and won one against MikeB.


… and I FINALLY finished the Warlock Dominance quest.



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