Posted by: Grumpy | June 30, 2012

Battle Pet Collection

Here are a few of the more interesting wild pets I was able to collect while the Pet Battle System was enabled as well as where I caught them.

Tiny Twister, Arathi Highlands

I use my mage, Roswynn, as my pet collector. Her teleports are very handy when on the hunt.

Giraffe Calf, Southern Barrens

That giraffe is almost taller than she is!!! I’m not sure if that’s a scaling issue or not. But I like how some pets are bigger than normal.

Lost of Lordaeron, Ruins of Lordaeron

My first capture was one of the Lost of Lordaeron. Undercity has a bunch of low level wild pets that you can level up with. It’s a great place to start your pet battle career!

Tiny Bog Beast, Wetlands

I saw this guy on the ground while flying over on a taxi. When I landed I ran back to where I saw him but he was gone. I came back a few weeks later and caught him.

Gazelle Fawn, Northern Barrens


Fledgling Nether Ray, Netherstorm

Outland has some cool pets. And you don’t have to grind Sporeggar rep to get this one!

Fel Flame, Shadowmoon Valley

The Fel Flame is probably my favorite. He’s actually way more green than he appears in that screen shot. I have a pretty good collection of elemental pets and he’s the perfect addition.



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