Posted by: Grumpy | September 27, 2011

New Header Image

Raiding Casually page 9/27/2011

Raiding Casually page 9/27/2011

The old image has been up there for a LONG time (Since Patch 3.3 when I did the Battered Hilt quest-line). Last night our raid team met Ragnaros for the first time. So I figured it would make a good header image. We didn’t down him, but we did make good progress. Grats to Illidarian for getting her Tier 12 shoulders from Majordomo Staghelm!

In other news the PTR for patch 4.3 should be going live this week sometime. So my posting frequency should increase. I’m really interested in the Darkmoon Faire and Transmogrification. Other things like the new instances and the Deathwing raid wont be on the PTR initially but will be added later in increments.



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